Membership of The Stair Society

Membership of the society is open to all with an interest in the history of Scots law, whether based in the UK or abroad.

Individual members include practising lawyers, legal academics, law students and others. Corporate members include a wide range of academic and professional institutions, libraries and law firms.

We offer concessionary subscription rates for students, recently qualified and called solicitors and advocates and those undertaking training for these qualifications. Many members of the Society, including Council members, first joined the Society as students.  We also encourage applications for institutional membership, especially from libraries and law firms.

Membership benefits

The benefits of membership of the Society include:

Stair Society Publications

A copy of each of our volumes published while you are a member. Since our inception in 1934, the Society has published some seventy handsomely produced hardback volumes and it is our aim to publish at least one volume each year. Some of these are of antiquarian interest, while others are of wider intellectual significance. Others still are useful to practising lawyers.

Publication discounts

Opportunity to purchase past volumes in stock at substantially discounted prices.

Pre-publication access

Pre-publication access to material in press.

Networking opportunities

Opportunity to meet and network at our annual general meeting and lunch, with judges, practising lawyers, academic lawyers, historians and others with a shared interest in legal history.

Annual lectures

Attendance at the annual lecture delivered by a distinguished speaker.

Free access to online publications

Free access to the complete electronic versions of all Stair Society publications on HeinOnline. This presently covers volumes 1 to 65 (1936 to 2018). 

Online discussion forum and marketplace

Online discussion forum and information pages and a market platform for the purchase and sale of pre-owned volumes.