AAM Duncan

We have learned  of the death on 20 December of AAM (Archie) Duncan, a giant of Scottish medieval studies for over 60 years.

Few with interests in Scotland between 1000 and 1450 will not have used his edition of the acts of Robert I (1988), his Scottish Formularies (published 2011 as vol 58 in this Society's main series), Barbour's Bruce (1997), Scotland: The Making of the Kingdom (1975), The Kingship of the Scots 842-1292: Succession and Independence (2002), and innumerable articles in a wide variety of places across his long career. Of these, the most significant for Scottish legal historians are his piece on the development of central courts before 1532 in vol 20 of our series ("It is clear that the creation of the College of Justice was no more than an excuse to mulct the Church") and his article on the MSS of Regiam Majestatem in the Juridical Review of 1961, which poses an editorial challenge still not met.

Always trenchant and contrarian, his work remains an object model in the critical analysis of sources which nonetheless never loses sight of the importance of narrative and personality in history.