Annual Lecture Podcast

Prof dr CH (Remco) van Rhee, Professor of European Legal History and Comparative Civil Procedure at Maastricht University, accepted the Stair Society's invitation to address our 82nd Annual Meeting.

Prof van Rhee spoke on 'Who is in control? Historical perspectives on the role of the judge and the parties in civil litigation'.

The AGM and lecture took place on Saturday, 18 November 2017 and an audio recording of it is available from our Podcasts page at

The Stair Society has hosted an annual lecture every year since 1965 as the focal point of its annual meeting. Lecturers have included, and continue to include, lawyers and legal historians of distinction from Europe and the United States as well as from Scotland and England, and many of their lecture texts have been published. The lectures are open to all. You can find out more about our annual lectures here.