Concessionary subscription rates

The Society wishes to foster an increased interest in Scottish legal history amongst students, trainee and recently qualified lawyers and other young professionals and is extending the concessionary subscription rates which have until now been available to students for a three year period.

The concession is now available to students at schools, colleges of further education and other similar colleges who will attain the age of 17 or more during the year of membership, to undergraduate and postgraduate students at universities and other institutions of higher education and to persons undertaking training for professional qualifications. It can be obtained for the period of the study or training undertaken plus the three subscription years following the conclusion of study or training, after which membership at full subscription will be offered automatically.

The concessionary subscription is at the rate of £15 per annum for members resident in the United Kingdom and £20 per annum for those resident overseas, in each case subject to periodic review. The concession is available to new members with immediate effect and to existing student members from 1 April 2012.

Our Membership section provides full details of Stair Society membership and offers the facility to apply online.