Miscellany VII by Various Authors

The seventh Stair Society Miscellany volume has just been published. There are twelve contributions covering more than 400 pages making this the largest and most ambitious Stair Miscellany yet. Six contributions orginate from the Society's annual lecture series.


'The Textual Tradition of Stair's Institutions, with Reference to the Title "Of Liberty and Servitude"' - Adelyn L M Wilson

'William Cranston, Notary Public, c 1395-1425, and Some Contemporaries' - W W Scott

'Another Fifteenth Century Case' - Alan Borthwick and Hector MacQueen

'Birlaw Courts and Birleymen' - W David H Sellar

'Four Models of Union' - J D Ford

'The Trial of Captain Green' - Sheriff J Irvine Smith

'Scots Lawyers, England, and the Union of 1707' - John Finlay

'The Maritime Rights of the Magistrates of Rothesay' - Ian Maclagan

'Reshaping Private Law in Vicotrian Britain: The View from Westminster' - Michael Lobban

'Letters from Inveraray: The Eighth Duke of Argyll's Correspondence with the First Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, with Particular Reference to Gladstone's Irish Acts' - N N Dawson

'Law at the Edge: Legal Encounters on a Maritime Periphery' - W N Osborough

''LIfe on the Law Lords' Corridor: The Last Forty Years' - David Hope