Lawyers’ Edinburgh 1800-2000

Lawyers' Edinburgh 1800-2000 is a beginning on the history of leading Edinburgh law firms from 1800-2000, intended to show their long existence, their location in the New Town until very recently, and the identities of their partners.

The database, which also includes images of locations, is the result of a pilot study by Hector MacQueen and Ashley Theunissen (Edinburgh University), funded by the University’s Development Trust Research Fund. The database has been designed so that it can be extended in its coverage of time, space and persons.

For useful background see Hector L MacQueen, 'Lawyers’ Edinburgh 1908-2008', Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, new series volume 8 (2010) pp. 27-53.

Offers of assistance in further work on the project should be directed in the first instance to the Society’s Literary Director.

Database and background materials

The Lawyer's Edinburgh database is available in the following formats:

A Project slides PDF is also available providing further background information about the project.