An Introduction to Scottish Legal History

Stair Society Volume 20

By various authors, with an Introduction by the Rt Hon Lord Normand, PC, LLD, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, 1947-53


Introduction - Lord Normand

Part I: The General Development of Scots Law

'From David I to Bruce, 1124-1329, The Scoto-Norman Law' - Lord Cooper of Culross

'The Dark Age, 1329-1532' - G Campbell H Paton

'The Transition to the Modern Law, 1532-1660' - J Irvine Smith

'The Rise of Modern Scots Law, 1660-1707' - J Irvine Smith

'The Eighteenth Century and Later' - G Campbell H Paton

Part II: The History of Particular Branches of Scots Law and Practice

A: The Law of Persons

'Husband and Life: Pre-Reformation Canon Law of Marriage of the Officials' Courts' - James D Scanlan, Bishop of Motherwell

'Husband and Wife: (a) Post-Reformation Canon Law of Marriage in the Commissaries' Courts, and (b) Modern Common and Statute Law' - Ronald D Ireland

'Husband and Wife: Divorce, Nullity of Marriage and Separation' - Ronald D Ireland

'Husband and Wife: Property Rights and Relationships' - G Campbell H Paton

'Parent and Child' - Alexander E Anton

'Guardian and Ward' - George A Montgomery

'Master and Servant' - T B Smith

B: The Law of Property

'Heritable Rights: The Early Feudal Tenures' - Isabel A Milne

'Heritable Rights: From Early Times to the Twentieth Century' - H H Monteath

'Moveable Rights' - A J Mackenzie Stuart

'Succession' - J Irvine Smith

'Insolvency' - Andrew Dewar Gibb

'Diligence' - David Maxwell

C: Other Branches

'Contract and Quasi Contract' - A J Mackenzie Stuart

'Delict and Quasi Delict' - Hector McKechnie

'Criminal Law' - J Irvine Smith

'Evidence' - David M Walker

D: The Courts and Procedure

'The Central Courts before 1532' - A A M Duncan

'The Central Courts after 1532' - Lord Cooper of Culross

'The Sheriff Court: Before the Sixteenth Century' - Isabel A Milne

'The Sheriff Court: Sixteenth Century and After' - C A Malcolm

'The Church Courts' - Gordon Donaldson

'The Franchise Courts' - Peter McIntyre

'The Burgh Courts and Allied Jurisdictions' - George S Pryde

'Courts of Special Jurisdiction' - W Croft Dickinson

'The High Court of Justiciary' - W Croft Dickinson

'Civil Procedure' - David Maxwell

'Criminal Procedure' - J Irvine Smith

'The Parliament House and its Antecedents' - C A Malcolm

Appendix - List of (1) Lord Chancellors, (2) Lord Presidents, and (3) Lord Justice Clerks from 1532