Guide to the National Archives of Scotland, Scottish Record Office

Supplementary Series

Scottish Record Office with The Stair Society




1. Records of the Pre-Union Administration

State Papers (SP)
Parliament (PA)
Privy Council (PC)
The Pre-Union Exchequer (E)
Chancery (C)
Privy Seal (PS)
Signet Office (SIG)

2. Records of the Law of Scotland

A: Central Courts, Court of Session (CS), The High Court of Justiciary (JC), Admiralty Court (AC), The Teind Court (TE), Scottish Land Court (LC)

B: Local Courts, Sheriff Courts (SC), Commissary Courts (CC), Justices of the Peace (JP), Franchise Courts

C: Other Legal Records, Notarial Records (NP), The Register of Sasines (RS), Register of Tailzies (RT), Register of Deeds and Associated Registers (RD), Diligence Records (DI)

3. Scottish Record Office Archive (SRO)

Appendix 1: The Record Officials

Appendix 2: Records Legislation


Bibliography and List of Abbreviations

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