Miscellany Five by Various Authors

Stair Society Volume 52

Edited by Professor Hector L MacQueen with a preface by The Rt Hon. the Lord Hope of Craighead.



'The capella regis of the Kings of Scotland, 1107-1222' - G W S Barrow

'Some Notes on Wrang and Unlaw' - H L MacQueen

'Revisiting the Foundation of the College of Justice' - J W Cairns

'The Legitimacy of the Earl of Arran' - Peter McNeill

'William Barclay, Professor of Law at Pont-a Mousson and Angers' - A F Stewart

'Black Patie and Andro Umfra: A Prosographical Study of "Just Feir or Drecour" in Early Seventeenth-Century Shetland' - A D M Forte

'The Post-Union Court of Exchequer' - A L Murray

'The Heritors of Kingsbairns against Rev James Beatson: An Example of Eighteenth-Century Written Pleading' - David R Parratt

'Tailors of Aberdeen v Coutts: A Look Behind the Scenes' - D J Cusine

'Scots Law in the New World: Its Place in the Formative Era of American Law' - R H Helmholz

'Thomas Taylor's Lectures on Criminal Law' - James Chalmers

'The Stair Society: The Early Years' - Thomas H Drysdale



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