Miscellany VI by Various Authors

Stair Society Volume 54

Edited by Professor Hector L MacQueen, with a preface by Sheriff Peter G B McNeill


Preface - Peter G B McNeill

'Stair and the Natural Law Tradition: Still Relevant?' - Neil MacCormick

'Law, Morality and Sir George Mackenzie' - O F Robinson

'Sir Alexander Seton of Pitmedden' - Douglas J Cusine

'Scottish Benefices and the Commissary Court of Edinburgh: The Example of McGibbon v Struthers' - Thomas Green

'Environmental Legislation of the Scottish Parliament' - Colin T Reid

'The Marriage (Scotland) Bill 1755' - Brian Dempsey

'Learning, Honour and Patronage: The Career of Andrew McDouall, Lord Bankton 1746-61' - Andrew R C Simpson

'Scotland's First Women Law Graduates: An Edinburgh Centenary' - Hector L MacQueen

'Common Law Evolution: The Influencee of Mixed Legal Systems' - David Ibbetson

'The Stair Society - The Middle Years' - Thomas H Drysdale

'"The Strange Habits of the English"' - Lord Hope of Craighead

'Thoughts from Nearly Forty Years Ago' - Karen Bruce Lockhart

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