The Civil Law Tradition in Scotland

Supplementary Series

Various authors, edited by Robin Evans-Jones


Section One: Introductory

'Civil Law in the Scottish Legal Tradition' - Robin Evans-Jones

'Roman Law in Scotland' - William M Gordon

'Roman Law in a Mixed Legal System: The South African Experience' - Reinhard Zimmermann

Section Two

'The Foundation of Legal Rationality in Scotland' - Peter Birks

'Specificatio in Scots Law'' - Douglas J Osler

'Derivative Acquisition of Moveables' - David L Carey Miller

'Roman Influence on the Scots Law of Real Security' - William M Gordon

'Owners and Neighbours: From Rome to Scotland' - David Johnston

'Roman Law Comes to Partick' - Alan Rodger

'From "Undue Transfer" to "Retention Without a Legal Basis" (The condictio indebiti and the condictio ob turpem vel iniustam causam)' - Robin Evans-Jones

'The condictio causa non secuta' - Geoffrey MacCormack

'The Development of Remedies for Personal Injury and Death' - William M Gordon

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